Jamie Khan, a partner of the The Apex Group, is a governmental advocate specializing in issues involving the State Legislature, as well as various state regulatory agencies. Ms. Khan has over 20 years of state and legislative experience.

Before leaving the Legislature, she served as Legislative Assistant to Assemblywoman Cathie Wright, who was since elected to the State Senate. As Ms. Wright’s Legislative Assistant, she was responsible for a number of issues including environmental and toxic problems, as well as local concerns and regulatory matters.

During her legislative service, Ms. Khan worked for former Assembly Republican Leader Paul Priolo and Assemblyman Floyd Mori, who served as Chair of the Joint Oversight Committee for the Agricultural Labor Relations Board. She began her legislative career in the California State Senate with Senators Clare Berryhill and Ray Johnson.

Ms. Khan is a native of Sacramento. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in government from California State University, Sacramento, and an Associate of Arts degree in Accounting from Sacramento City College.

As part of her community activities, Ms. Khan serves on the Board of Directors for Capitol Network – a networking organization of individuals involved in state government. The organization sponsors events to raise money for college scholarships and for charities that provide services for women and children. She is also a member of the Institute of Governmental Advocates.