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There is no firm in Sacramento that understands commercial construction issues better than we do. We have represented the interests of the AGC, Caterpillar Inc and CSF, on issues impacting construction for over 20 years. Issues Include: Lien Issues, Liability Matters, Surety Bonds, Work Rules and Transportation Financing.


Over the years we have represented the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical corporations, healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers. Specific areas of our expertise include: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Medical Device Manufacturing, Marketing and Privacy Related Issues.


It can be a hostile environment for manufacturers in California. Over the last 30 years, has become an inhospitable environment in which to do business. We have represented the manufacturing community as a group, as well as individual manufacturers, engaging in some of the most critical issues facing these employers. Due to the diversity of our manufacturing clients, we have developed expertise in the full breadth of policy areas affecting the business community. This diversity has drawn us into issues as unique as Proposition 65 warnings, to “green chemistry,” to vehicle equipment mandates.


Consumer finance lending issues are traditionally an area fraught with controversy and is an area that we have actively been engaged for many years. We have negotiated and defeated numerous bills aimed at disrupting valid industry practices. Issues include: Debt Settlement Short-term Loan Products, Marketing, Information Privacy, and Transportation Financing.


We bring a well rounded view of insurance issues and policies that are constantly changing in California. Workers’ compensation insurance has been an area of our expertise for over 30 years, having negotiated numerous workers’ compensation packages. We have seen and dealt with changes brought about by Proposition 103, including an elected Insurance Commissioner.


The cannabis industry is a new frontier of legislative and regulatory control for a developing marketplace. We collaborate with industry leaders, Bureau of Cannabis Control, leading cannabis associations to provide reasonable and thoughtful solutions for the industry. If there’s a specific cannabis need for your business, we can assist in crafting solutions on your behalf. We’ll make sure your needs are heard and understood.

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