Bill Krauss has been on the inside of Sacramento politics and government for over 20 years. Krauss began his career working for a State Senator, followed by other political endeavors, including public relations consulting and legislative campaign management, with the last 14 years serving as a successful legislative advocate, focused on representing the diverse interests of some of America’s leading businesses and many of California’s small businesses.

His understanding of the business world began early. In his youth Krauss spent long hours working in his father’s factory and saw firsthand what it takes to make a business succeed in California. Krauss later took a leadership position with a major California employer, again gaining insight into the impact policy questions considered in Sacramento have on the business community.

Krauss has a long track record of successful advocacy and a breadth of experience. His experience includes extensive knowledge of the state budget process and many varied policy areas, including taxation, licensing, environmental regulation, energy and water policy.

In addition, Krauss manages the public policy programs of several business associations, including direct lobbying, “grassroots” advocacy, regulatory engagement, and association administration.

Krauss graduated cum laude from CSU Sacramento, with a BA in Government and a minor in Communications Studies.